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SORTURK perfectly suits the needs of modern food and non-food processing systems that demand the optical sorters ability to detect and reject products having a similar color but with different shades. Some typical examples for which the highest sorting accuracy is required are the allergen removal, in particular soy beans out of wheat, or separation of elements containing gluten out of gluten-free cereals (maize, rice, buckwheat). Other evident advantages arising from SORTURK application can be found into mixed-colors pulses process (kidney beans, lentils, peas, fava beans, etc.), for which the monochromatic, and even bi-chromatic optical sorting technologies are not able to grant the excellent performance assured by SORTURK trichromatic technology.
For some special applications, SORTURK can be equipped with additional NIR cameras, to identify through infrared some defects and contaminations, that wouldn’t be detectable in the visible light; therefore, the combination with RGB allows to exploit all the four frequencies. SORTURK represents nowadays the state-of-the-art optical sorting technology which is able to match the increasingly stringent requirements of food commodities industry, ensuring that safety and purity requirements are met.

Some advantages:

•Near human eye vision color sorting technology, using 16 million colors, allows the best sorting performances
•SORTURK Full-color cameras optical system, with dimensional control of the defects, allows 0.1mm optical resolution
• SORTURK image acquisition allows the easy and accurate setting of the defects to remove. Software adjustment is completely automatic thanks to HSI technology
•Shape-sizing integrated into the system
•Most concentrated rejects, thanks to customized hi-tech ejectors
•Highest production capacities, automatically regulated by a feeder control device
•Possibility to have simultaneous product resort, even with reverse sorting
•Possibility to add sloping chutes for sorter upgrading or production increase
•Possibility to install additional cameras operating in NIR even after machine installation at working premises
•Led lighting system
•Automatic cleaning system, with adjustable frequency and duration
•Tilting optical boxes, to allow an easy internal access for maintennce operations
•Airtight optical boxes with controlled temperature
•Designed mechanics grants the highest hygiene and prevents product outflow or accumulation
•Provision with de-dusting suction systems
•15-inches display with full-color and multilingual touch-screen
•Flexible and user-friendly
•Interactive remote control
•Reduced electric and compressed air consumptions
•CE certification
•Possibility of certification conforming with Atex normative
•Guarantee of a market leading company for 40 years!

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